Ironclad Yoga Poses You Need to Know

Yoga PosesPerfect Body
If you want that strong yoga body, you can add weights to your yoga moves.  The dumbbells shouldn’t weigh more than five pounds because you also have to concentrate on holding those poses, and you can’t do this when you strain your arms from all that added weight.  Make sure to repeat the moves for both sides of your body and do this at least three times a week.  Yoga is all about working those core muscles so you’ll look and feel better the longer you stick to the routine.

The Moves
One great move is called the crescent lunge accompanied by an overhead lateral raise.  You can start this with your feet apart, then, slowly pivot your torso so you’ll be facing the very front.  Don’t forget to stand on the mat when you do this.  After, lower the weights to each side of the foot you have in front.  Then, slowly rest your hands on the floor.  Just make sure you don’t fully rest them on the mat. Pick up the dumbbells with both hands as you slowly raise your body while keeping your leg in place.  Hold these at your sides with your arms straight.  Make sure your palms are facing upward and away from your hips.  Don’t forget to inhale as you raise those dumbbells to create an arc on top of your head.  Breathe as you slowly put your arms down and switch sides.

You can also do the warrior that incorporates the lateral raise and biceps curl.  Again, with your feet apart, turn one foot until you create a 90-degree angle.  Don’t forget to square your hips and shoulders as you lift the weights until they’re parallel with your shoulders.  Bend the angled knee and let your head follow.  Then, you can lower the dumbbell to the said knee and rotate the opposite pal until it faces the ceiling.  Inhale and curl your arms and hold the pose as you breathe in and out once more.  Then, bring your arm back down to shoulder-height and repeat the move on the other side.

Lastly, you can do the side angle lunge and you can concentrate on the curl.  This is done with your feet wide apart as well.  Then, turn one foot at a 90-degree angle.  Your other foot should be slightly facing the center part of your body.  Bend the opposite knee and don’t let go of the dumbbells that are in your hands.  Rather, lower the arm on the same side as the bent foot and extend the other one all the way up.  Breathe as you reach past your ear.  Keep the other arm curled to your shoulder and hold the pose.

The Core to Your Success
The secret to successful yoga is all in the breathing.  Doing this could be challenging at the very beginning.  Nonetheless, this becomes second-nature if you just keep practicing.  It may be hard in the beginning, especially if you have not been active in sports and fitness and are not as flexible.  Yoga aficionados know that it may take time, but as soon as you see the results, you could actually become addicted to it.